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Our "Why"

We help to create pain free steps for patients
around the world. We are passionate about
feet, about the pounding they take, and the
improvements that can be made in a patients
life with the care and attention their feet

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Our Commitment.

Your patients are counting on you
to provide the very best, we take this
very seriously, all our efforts go into
ensuring timely deliver, accuracy to
your prescription and most of all a fit
and finish you can be proud to be
associated with.

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Our devices are made by talented
craftespeople that use their experience
and passion, coupled with the latest
technology to produce unmatched
results from orthoses therapy.

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Our products are handcrafted with care
and attention to detail that ensure a
device that not only follows the
requirements of the Rx, but has our
4 F’s rule; Fit, Function, Finish, Fabulous.



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  • I have been very pleased with the product, I have been using your lab since ’07 and have been very impressed with the craftsmanship of the orthotic devices. Customer service has been prompt, which I appreciate.

    L.F, Chiropodist, ON

  • Overall, impressed with the workmanship and quality of the orthotics

    Dr. C, Podiatrist, AB

  • Excellent Quality Orthotics Ability to provide orthotic styles (ie. Cobras) not found in catalogue Prompt on-time delivery Willingness to repair orthotics from other labs Free two way shipping Free cartons and shipping labels Competitive pricing and volume discounts Two year cast storage Personalized, hands-on customer service from experienced staff Satisfaction guaranteed As stated on page 2 of your catalogue, your philosophy is closely adhered to as attested by service and quality of product received from you. Thank you and I look forward to a strong long fun partnership.

    Dr. K, Podiatrist, AB

  • Prompt Service Professional Products that work and are accommodating to lifestyle of our patients Customer service is the best of any lab I’ve dealt with in 25 years

    D.W , Chiropodist , ON

  • Excellent craftsmanship and quality orthoses Fantastic and efficient service Comprehensive, friendly personnel, a pleasure to deal with

    A. M, Chiropodist, ON

  • Prompt reliable, friendly service Excellent quality satisfying both practitioner and client/patient alike Excellent turnaround time

    Dr. O Podiatrist , MB

  • Very easy to work with in order to solve any orthotic problems No hassles on adjustments Well priced for an excellent product Friendly and fast service

    J.C , Chiropodist, ON

  • I have been very happy with the services provided by International Labs. The turnaround time is excellent and the quality of the product is unbeatable. 100% satisfaction both from myself and my patients.

    J.C , Chiropodist, ON

  • The orthotics are amazing. Great quality - patients and I were pleased

    S.K. Chiropodist, ON

  • I am very pleased with your service

    DA.W, Chiropodist , ON