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3D printing gives disabled duck Dudley a new limb

Yet another disabled wee duckie has been given a new lease on life thanks to the magic of 3D printing.

(Credit: 3 Pillar Designs)

At long last, 3D printing has found its niche: providing replacement limbs — for ducks. Poor Dudley of K9-1-1 Animal and Rescue Services in Sicamous, Canada, lost his leg when he was just a baby to a vicious attack from a chicken kept in the same pen — but now he can walk again, thanks to 3D printing.

The first iteration of Dudley’s foot.
(Credit: 3 Pillars Designs)

Unlike Buttercup’s new foot, which was created using a 3D-printed mould to cast a limb in silicone, creating Dudley’s foot was a more elaborate affair.

It was created by Terence Loring of 3 Pillar Designs, a company that specialises in 3D printing architectural prototypes. Loring heard of Dudley’s plight through a friend and — Buttercup’s story undoubtedly echoing in his head — decided to see what he could do to help.

The first limb Loring designed has a jointed construction, and was fully 3D-printed in plastic byProto3000 in Canada. When Dudley put it on, the limb broke and Dudley fell over, so Loring went back to the drawing board for a one-piece model with no joints, printed in a softer plastic.

When the new foot was put on Dudley, he started walking straight away, no hesitation. However, the plastic causes friction sores — a problem Buttercup’s owner, Mike Garey, solved with a silicone sock and prosthetic gel liner.

We’ve no doubt Loring will come up with a solution. Meanwhile, Dudley is happy as a duck in a pond.

(Credit: K9-1-1 Animal and Rescue Services)

(Source: CNET Australia)

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