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Evaluation, management and prevention of lower extremity youth ice hockey injuries

Ice hockey is a fast-paced sport played by increasing numbers of children and adolescents in North America and around the world. Requiring a unique blend of skill, finesse, power and teamwork, ice hockey can become a lifelong recreational activity. Despite the rising popularity of the sport, there is ongoing concern about the high frequency of musculoskeletal injury associated with participation in ice hockey. Injury rates in ice hockey are among …Read More

There’s more than one way to lace your running shoes – and it matters which you use

By Carolee Belkin Walker October 18—- Printed in the Washington Post You’ve visited your favorite running store, analyzed your gait and found the perfect shoe for you. Now you’re all set to go on a run, right? Not so fast. How you lace your shoes can affect your performance and overall running experience, experts say. “I’ve had runners slip on a pair of running shoes and say they feel great, …Read More

Join Us At the OPMA Conference Sept 12-14

We Are proud to be exhibiting for the 13th year, at the annual Ontario Podiatric Medical conference.  Please stop by our booth and say hello!  We have new products and technologies that can make you practice not only run smoother, but can save you considerable time and resources.

Shin Splints in 500 to 800 year old skeleton

Medial tibial stress syndrome: A skeleton from medieval Rhodes demonstrates the appearance of the bone surface – a case report Posted online on July 18, 2014. (doi:10.3109/17453674.2014.942587 by Anastasia Sofia Protopapa1, Nikolaos Vlachadis1, Dina G Tiniakos2, Georgios Lyritis3 and Theodoros Pitsios1 1Museum of Anthropology 2Laboratory of Histology and Embryology 3Laboratory for Research of the Musculoskeletal System, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, School of Medicine, Athens, Greece Correspondence: vlaxadis@gmail.com We present a case of bilateral medial tibia stress …Read More

Economic costs of diabetes

The total estimated cost of diagnosed diabetes in 2012 is $245 billion, including $176 billion in direct medical costs and $69 billion in reduced productivity. The largest components of medical expenditures are hospital inpatient care (43% of the total medical cost), prescription medications to treat the complications of diabetes (18%), antidiabetic agents and diabetes supplies (12%), physician office visits (9%), and nursing/residential facility stays (8%). People with diagnosed diabetes incur …Read More

Mechanism of orthotic therapy for the painful cavus foot deformity.

By: Najafi B1, Wrobel JS, Burns J.Abstract   BACKGROUND: People who have extremely high arched feet or pes cavus often suffer from substantial foot pain. Custom-made foot orthoses (CFO) have been shown to be an effective treatment option, but their specificity is unclear. It is generally thought that one of the primary functions of CFO is redistributing abnormal plantar pressures. This study sought to identify variables associated with pain relief after CFO intervention. …Read More

3D printing gives disabled duck Dudley a new limb

Yet another disabled wee duckie has been given a new lease on life thanks to the magic of 3D printing. (Credit: 3 Pillar Designs) At long last, 3D printing has found its niche: providing replacement limbs — for ducks. Poor Dudley of K9-1-1 Animal and Rescue Services in Sicamous, Canada, lost his leg when he was just a baby to a vicious attack from a chicken kept in the same pen — …Read More


A new app for intelligent glasses, such as Google Glass, will soon make it possible to improve the gait of patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease and to decrease their risk of falling. Researchers at the University of Twente’s MIRA Institute have received a grant from the NutsOhra fund for the development of the app. The gait of Parkinson’s patients is often disturbed: sometimes this presents as a shuffling movement with …Read More

The Craziest High Heels Shoes You Will Ever See

As for fashion I cannot comment however, the literature on the damage that high heels do the lower extremity is plentiful, from osteoarthritis of the knee, plantar fasciitis and low back pain to hagluds deformity and clawed toes, just to name a few.  Is this art of fashion?  

Plantar fasciitis – to jab or to support? A systematic review of the current best evidence

Background: Plantar fasciitis is a common condition routinely managed by podiatrists in the community and is widely treated conservatively. Two commonly used treatments for plantar fasciitis are customized functional foot orthoses and corticosteroid injections. While common to clinical practice, the evidence base underpinning these treatment strategies is unknown.Therefore, the aim of this systematic review was to assess the effectiveness and safety of customized functional foot orthoses and corticosteroid injections in the treatment of plantar fasciitis. …Read More