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Guarantees & Adjustments

International Orthotic Labs lifetime guarantee against breakage, under normal wear, applies to all orthotics. Forefoot and rearfoot post on all orthotics carry a 6 month guarantee.

Within 3 months of an orthotic completion, International Orthotic Labs makes all required adjustments at no charge. After 3 months, adjustments are classified, depending on the work involved.

Please contact us for details about our terms and our volume discounts.

Where to find us


Please call us for answers to any questions you may have about our policies or about effective orthotic treatment. Our biomechanical consultants will be happy to help.

Canada and U.S. (toll free): 1-800-887-7138
UK: 0-800-587-1684
In all other countries call collect: 403-236-8540 or Fax: 403-236-8539

or email us at:

For press: media@orthotic.ca
For investor relations: ir@orthotic.ca
For customer support: support@orthotic.ca
For advertising: bizdev@orthotic.ca
For all other inquiries: info@orthotic.ca

International Orthotic Labs Inc.
6777 Fairmount Dr. S.E.
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