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Pa Gauntlet


The Pa 90 Standard is an articulating ankle foot orthosis with a custom footplate, pre-fabricated uprights, custom posting, and a standard 30mm heel cup. Pa 90 is one of the leading braces for lateral ankle instability in all populations.

Casting Requirements: Standard requires an ankle cast.





This articulating orthosis has a posterior bar to link the custom uprights to provide greater stability and control. Like the standard, this comes with standard 30mm heel cup.

Casting Requirements: The Custom requires a mid-calf cast to capture the shape of the patient’s lower leg for the custom uprights.




Made with  dynamic Tamarack joints, the Dynamic Assist offers a unique spring effect especially useful for drop foot pathologies. This orthosis comes with a custom footplate with custom posting. The joints allow 15 degrees of dorsiflexion during swing with natural plantar flexion allowed during initial contact and loading response (heel strike). A 90 degree hinge is available for those patients that may experience over-compensation from standard hinges.

Casting Requirements: The Dynamic Assist requires a mid-calf cast to encompass the shape of the patient’s lower leg for the custom uprights.

STS Casting Instructions