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Padding and Accommodations

neroNeuroma Pad

Standard 1/8” poron pad indicated for, interdigital neuromas and bursitis.

pmpPMP Accom Pads

Standard 3/16” poron pad extending across the 2nd met head to 4th met head. Indicated for redistribution of pressure across the met heads.

mortMorton’s Ext.

Standard of 1/16” cork, or rigid out of shell extension placed under the 1st MTP joint. Indicated for dorsiflexed 1st ray, hallux rigidus or short 1st ray.

revv-mortMorton’s Rev. Ext.

Standard 1/16” cork pad extending from medial aspect of 2nd met head to 5th met head distally to sulcus. Indicated for plantar flexed 1st ray, hallux limitus and sesamoiditis.

fhlFHL Pad

Standard of 1/8” EVA met accom pad with 1” punch under 1st med head. Indicated for sesamoiditis, dropped 1st met head and functional hallux limitus.

heel-padHeel Cushioning

Standard 1/8” poron cushion pad. Indicated for non-centrally located heel spur, loss of fat pad, PF pain or rear foot shock absorption.

heel-spurHeel Spur Pad

1/16 Poron. Intended to lift calcaneus off the orthotic for centrally located heel spur.

heel-appHeel APP

Standard 1” hole centrally located in heel cup with poron plug. Indicated to accommodate heel spurs or apply extra relief as required.

shaft-padShaft Pad

1/8 poron pad . Indicated for dorsiflexed 1st ray.

arch-padDorsal Arch Pad

Soft poron arch pad. Indicated to add soft support to the MLA.

pl.-fillPl. Arch Fill

Soft 35 durometer or firm padding laminated to plantar aspect of shell. Indicated to add rigidity to MLA of shell and/or add shock absorption.

acm-Balance lesion acm.

1/16 cork “U” acm. placed at the necessary met head. Indicated to add rigidity to MLA of shell and/or add shock absorption.

met-padMetatarsal Pad

Standard 1/8” poron pad indicated for dropped transverse arch, metatarsalgia, interdigital neuromas and bursitis.