Hallux Limitus

Hallux limitus is a condition in which the hallux, the joint connecting the big toe to the foot, is inflamed, sore, and stiff. Hallux limitus can advance into the condition hallux rigidus, also known as “turf toe” in which the joint can’t move & walking becomes painful or impossible.
Graphic displaying the range of motion of Hallux Limitus. Normal range of motion, Hallux Limitus and Hallux Rigidus


Decreasing range of motion of the toe over time, causing painful walking or standing.
Pain and stiffness worsening in cold or damp weather.
A swollen or inflamed toe joint.
A bump, like a bunion or callus, developing on the top of the foot.
Discomfort wearing shoes.


Test the toe joint’s range of motion. Check how far the toe can bend up and down. A X-ray can determine if there are any other bone abnormalities or if there is a bone spur development.

Suggested Orthotics & Modifications

Device Type: Pathology-Specific Device for Hallux Limitus.

Device Standard: Moderate cast fill, 15mm Heel Cup, 4 Deg. rear foot Post, 4mm Medial Heel Skive, Reverse Morton’s Ext., 1/8 Puff Cover to Toes.

Suggested Modifications: None required for pathology specific devices.


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