Metatarsalgia is a condition in which the ball of the foot becomes inflamed and painful. Common causes include activities that include running and jumping, genetic conditions including foot deformities, and ill-fitting footwear.


Sharp, aching or burning pain in the ball of foot.
Pain that worsens when standing , running, or flexing feet - especially barefoot on a hard surface - but improves when resting.
Sharp or shooting pain, numbness, or tingling in toes.
A feeling of “having a pebble in your shoe”.


To help pinpoint the source of your pain, examine the foot while standing and sitting, and inquire about lifestyle and activity level. X-rays may be necessary to identify or rule out a stress fracture or other foot problems.

Suggested Orthotics & Modifications

Device Type: Pathology-Specific Device for Metatarsalgia

Device Standard: Minimum cast fill, 15mm Heel Cup, 4 Deg Rear Foot Post, 2 Deg. Inversion, Met Pads, 1/16 Poron CV/Ext to Toes, Vinyl Cover.

Suggested Modifications: None required for pathology specific devices.


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