Pediatric Flat Foot

Pediatric flat feet is a condition in which the whole sole of the child’s foot contacts the ground. Also known as pes planus or fallen arches, flat feet occurs when the foot’s arch either fails to develop or collapses.
Graphic displaying the difference between pediatric flatfoot and normal pediatric foot.


An outwardly tilting heel.
Gait changes or awkwardness when walking.
Difficulty moving the foot from side to side or up and down.
Pain or tenderness anywhere from the foot to the knee.
Pain or difficulty wearing shoes.
Withdrawal from physical activities.


Examine the child’s foot, looking for differences in appearance when standing vs sitting. Additionally, test child’s range of motion and watch them walk. Further examination of the lower leg and hip may help identify the underlying cause.

Suggested Orthotics & Modifications

Device Type: Pathology-Specific Device for Pediatric Flat Foot.

Device Standard: Minimum cast fil, 15mm Heel Cup, 4 Deg Rear Foot Post, 2 Deg Inversion, Met Pads, 1/16 Poron CV/Ext. To Toes, Vinyl Cover.

Suggested Modifications: None required for pathology specific devices.


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