Our Custom Orthotics

Custom prescription orthotics to ensure every patient gets back on their feet.

Supporting patient performance and everyday comfort.

Custom solutions for diabetic and rheumatoid patients.

Thin, comfortable devices for dress shoes, athletes, and hard-to-fit shoes.

Orthotics with recommended accommodations for common conditions.

Special biomechanical control for growing feet.

Specialized Ankle-Foot-Orthoses with fully-custom uppers.

More about our Custom Orthotics:

Our turnaround time has been reliably five business days or less in-lab for the past decade.

We have a 100% money back guarantee if you or your patient are not happy with the devices, also a lifetime quality guarantee on our devices against normal breakage (excluding TL2100). Rearfoot and forefoot posts have a 6 month guarantee against avulsion.

IOL has developed rates that are competitive. Prices vary depending on type, material, padding and accommodation of the device. A full price list is available upon request.

IOL’s orthotics are made by hand by highly trained technicians. We use CAD/CAM technology to precisely model the foot in order to create our positive mold.


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