5 Common Myths (and Facts) of Custom Orthotics

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Custom prescription orthotics are increasingly popular, with 14% of Canadians owning at least one pair. They’ve enabled millions to move with ease and to optimize their sports performance. However, for the 80% of Canadians who experience foot pain at some point in their life, several myths still persist about what custom orthotics are and how they work. Here are five of the most common:

Myth 1 | Orthotics are only for the elderly

Just the opposite. Although it is possible to start wearing orthotics at any age, professional evaluation – and, if necessary, early corrections – are the most effective way to minimize the risk of pain and onset of chronic conditions. In this sense, the biomechanical examination is recommended from childhood, especially if there is discomfort. 66% of patients wearing International Orthotic Labs orthotics are under 60, 44% of are under 45 and 16% are under 15.

Myth 2 | Custom-made orthotics are too expensive

Generic products are inexpensive because they don’t offer adjustments to actually correct a problemOff-the-rack inserts only reproduce the natural curves of the foot, which provides additional cushioning. This makes it impossible to adjust and realign the lower limbs. Custom, high-quality prescription orthotics, on the other hand, are designed to re-create balance, and are designed following a complete biomechanical evaluation with a professional. This is the only way to get corrections tailored to unique needs.

Custom Orthotics: Five Common Myths

Myth 3 | Orthotics are for people with reduced mobility

Orthoses are can be designed for at people suffering from chronic pathologies like Achilles tendonitis, or for simple discomfort. The benefit of custom orthotics is that they are made to measure, balancing the distribution of the weight load under the feet. Thus, they stabilize and realign the lower limbs according to individual needs, whether those are chronic conditions or athletic performance.

Myth 4 | Orthotics only work with specialized shoes

While this may have been true in decades past, modern custom orthotics can slip into any type of shoe. Whether you need orthotics for a triathlon or for a black-tie wedding, different orthotics – each molded to your own unique foot – can be crafted to adapt to support different shoe types.


Myth 5 | Orthotics are only for those who have foot problems

This is a popular, but false, conception. Biomechanical and postural health is not just about the feet, since misalignment can be felt in the whole lower body, including knees, shins, lower back hips or even the back. In addition, some asymptomatic problems can cause serious complications over time. Wearing custom orthotics is part of a complete approach to physical health, from childhood to adulthood.

Fact: Orthotics can be for anyone

Bottom line, regardless of age, state of health, work duties or athletic performance, moving with ease and at your own pace should be within everyone’s reach.

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