Our Commitment

A promise to OSC members who entrust us with their patient orthotics.

To our OSC partners:

At International Orthotic Labs, we’ve spent the past 23 years working with OSC members to handcraft each and every orthotic device 100% custom to prescription (with some help from some revolutionary technology, including our IOL TrueCast scanning system).

Every time you send us a prescription, it represents a patient that’s entrusted their health to you; and, by extension, us. It’s a responsibility we do not take lightly.

GRIPS, our internal core values – Get Stuff Done, Respect, Integrity, Precision, and Safety – empower our team to deliver on three specific promises:

1. Reliable Turnaround Time: Every day that a patient goes without a necessary medical device means sub-optimal health outcomes, and unpredictable delays in turnaround time creates a friction point in your trusted relationship. Unfortunately, turnaround times of 4+ weeks in our industry have become more commonplace. Our end of the bargain is to provide reliable, 5-business day in-lab turnaround, so you can always count on your orthotics being there for a timely follow-up appointment.

2. Dedicated Customer Service: Whenever you or your team need to reach out for a question, comment, or concern, you’ll always get a real person on our team on the other end of the line. After building over one million individual custom orthotics, we’re here to respond one-on-one with knowledgeable advice.

3. Consistent Quality Excellence: Every aspect of working with our team should be measured against the highest standards, both those you place on us and we place on ourselves. This is epitomized by our rigorous 24-point quality control process, led by our intensively-trained and highly-skilled technicians, which each finished orthotic device must undergo before we can confidently release it to you and your patients. 

If you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me personally.


Steve Chamberlain

[email protected]


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