Padding & Accommodations

Definitions and diagrams of how we apply accommodations.

Nero targets a very specific area that is directly the middle of the upper foot.

Neuroma Pad

Design: 1/8” poron pad

Indication: Interdigital neuromas and bursitis

PMP is the area in the middle of the upper foot.

PMP Accom. Pads

Design: 3/16” poron pad extending across 2nd to 4th met heads

Indication: Redistribution of pressure across met heads

Mort is the located area below the big toe and its joint

Morton’s Extension

Design: 1/16” cork, or rigid out of shell extension placed under the 1st MTP joint.

Indication: Dorsiflexed 1st ray, hallux rigidus or short 1st ray.

Revv Mort is the area directly below all toes except the big toe

Morton’s Reverse Extension

Design: 1/16” cork pad from medial aspect of 2nd to 5th met head distally to sulcus.

Indication:: Plantar flexed 1st ray, hallux limitus & sesamoiditis

FHL targets the upper foot minus the big toe


Design: 1/8” EVA met accom pad with 1” punch under 1st met head

Indication: Sesamoiditis, dropped 1st met head and functional hallux limitus.

Heel Pad is targeting the heel specfically.

Heel Pad (Cushioning)

Design: 1/8” poron cushion pad

Indication: Non-centrally located heel spur, loss of fat pad, PF pain, or rear foot shock absorption

Heel Spur is shaped like a horse shoes outlining the foot's heel.

Heel Spur Pad

Design: 1/16” Poron

Indication: Lift calcaneus off the orthotic for centrally located heel spur.

Heel App targets the a circular area in the middle of the heel

Heel App

Design: Standard 1” hole centrally located in heel cup with poron plug

Indication: Heel spurs or apply extra relief as required

Diagram outling the shaft pad: below big toe and along the arch of the foot only to less than half of the whole foot.

Shaft Pad

Design: 1/8 poron pad

Indication: Dorsiflexed 1st ray.

Arch Pad is for the arch of the foot

Dorsal Arch Pad

Design: Soft poron arch pad

Indication: Add soft support to the MLA.

PL Fill is the area from heel to just about where the toes begin

Plantar Arch Fill

Design: Soft 35 durometer or firm padding laminated to plantar aspect of shell

Indication: Add rigidity to MLA of shell and/or shock absorption

ACM targets upper foot minus a circular area below the toe next to the big toe

Balance Lesion Accom.

Design: 1/16 cork “U” acm. placed at the necessary met head

Indication: Add rigidity to MLA of shell and/or shock absorption.

Met Pad is smaller targeted area circling the middle of the upper foot

Metatarsal Pad

Design: 1/8” poron pad

Indication: Dropped transverse arch, metatarsalgia, interdigital neuromas and bursitis.


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