Should I Wear My Orthotics At Home?

Short answer: yes! Orthotics should be worn as often as possible in order to provide the best possible treatment and foot support.

Think about orthotics like a pair of corrective glasses, rather than a pair of sunglasses. Corrective glasses are necessary to wear at all times, while sunglasses are for a specific purpose and are worn sporadically. When the orthotics are put on, the foot is placed in an ideal position depending on each biomechanical problem. When they are removed, the foot is once again out of biomechanical alignment. Therefore, they’re not meant to just be worn occasionally, when going for a long walk or working out. Like corrective glasses, orthotics allow you to carry out your daily activities at all times.

Should I wear my foot orthotics even when sitting for long periods of time?

Even when sitting, your foot is likely resting on something. The more your body “remembers” the feeling of wearing orthotics, the body will better adapt. Additionally, when we spend a lot of time sitting in a day, we may be up and down to go get a glass of water, go to the bathroom or even just to stretch our legs. You will therefore not really be in a sitting position throughout the day.

Should I wear orthotics from the moment I wake up until I go to bed?

In an ideal world, yes. When orthotics treat significant pain, such as plantar fasciitis or severe inflammation, it’s advisable to find a routine where you’re wearing orthotics from morning until night.

How to choose the right shoe to wear around the house?

It is necessary to wear well-fitting shoes to benefit from effective treatment. For extra comfort, many podiatrists or orthotists suggest orthopedic sandals as an alternative to a bulkier, warmer shoe. In this way, the foot is not trapped in heat during the day. It’s very important, however, to have a strap at the back of the sandal to properly support the ankle. Orthotics are be crafted and fit specifically to sandals.

What will be the beneficial effects of wearing my orthotics at home?

A flat foot will remain a flat foot even when the orthosis is removed. A hallux valgus will remain present. There are certain pathologies which cannot be treated, but which can be alleviated. However, by wearing foot orthotics frequently, the pain will be greatly reduced and hopefully eliminated altogether.

Bottom line – the more orthotics are worn, the more correction is present and the more effective it is for treatment and pain. Especially around the home!

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