Current Turnaround Time

Last Updated: December 1 2023 @ 7:45 AM ET

Current Turnaround Time:

We are advising an in-lab turnaround time of 8 business days.

We anticipate this will be the turnaround time through the end of 2023.

Notes: The turnaround time listed here is our best current internal estimate of the time elapsed between the date a device is put into production (the date after it is received) and the date the device is shipped. Turnaround time may vary depending on complexity of the device, outstanding questions, or other factors. We would recommend, wherever possible, scheduling patient appointments at least three weeks from their original assessment to account for shipping, in-lab time, and any unforeseen questions, adjustments, or delays that may occur. 

Holiday Cutoff Date:

Assuming your area receives overnight shipping, orders must be received at our office by Monday, December 11th in order to ensure they are finished and shipped by December 22nd. If your area does not receive reliable overnight service from FedEx, please adjust accordingly. Our office will be closed from midday December 23rd, reopening January 2nd, to give our team a well-deserved holiday.


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