How to Break in a Pair of Prescription Orthotics

When you receive a custom orthotic device from your practitioner, it has been custom-engineered for the unique way your bones, joints, tendons and muscles in each foot work together. Your treatment, under the control of your doctor, is designed to create ideal support, balance, and mobility.

The First Few Days

As you begin to wear your new orthotics, they will likely feel different from what you are used to. This sensation is very normal. After a break-in period, most patients no longer notice they are wearing orthotics.

On the first day, wear your orthotics until you begin to feel discomfort. When this occurs, remove from your shoes for the remainder of the day.
The following day, repeat the same procedure: wear until they cause discomfort and then remove. Duration of wearing time will eventually increase to a full day of wear without any discomfort.

Adjusting Prescription Orthotics

In some cases, you may feel aches or strains in areas of the foot, legs, or back. This typically means that your devices are starting to realign your skeletal posture, which is a positive indication. This can also be a sign that your body is resisting changes.

If discomfort occurs, decrease wearing time by half and repeat the break-in procedure. If discomfort continues, you should consult your doctor at your follow-up appointment. Your doctor may suggest that an adjustment be made to increase your comfort level.

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