TrueCast 3D Scanning

The easiest, most cost-effective way to ensure accurate patient scans, every time.

Revolutionary Technology for Healthcare Professionals

International Orthotic Labs’ 3D TrueCast scanning system for orthotics is an innovative technology that allows healthcare professionals to quickly and accurately capture 3D scans of patients’ feet. With this system, there is no need for time-consuming and costly plaster casting or laser scanning.

International Orthotic Labs offers several flexible options to purchase or lease, and be up and running within days.

Woman sitting at a desk looking at laptop screen learning about orthotic 3d scanning

Why Use 3D Scanning

3D scanning is a game-changing technology that helps healthcare professionals provide better care for their patients.

No Plaster Casting Required

3D casting doesn’t require plaster casting, which saves practitioners time and money.

All-In-One Application

The all-in-one TrueCast iPad scanning system is easy and straightforward for any practitioner to use. 

Accurate Scans in 2 Minutes

Our scanning system with LIDAR technology can quickly capture a high-resolution scan in under 2 minutes.

Easy and Fast Setup

Upon leasing or selecting a purchase bundle to start using 3D Scanning, we’ll set you up within days.

About the Technology

Using the 3D iPad scanning system is easy and straightforward. Using our all-in-one application along with the LIDAR technology embedded within newer-generation iPad Pros, practitioners can capture a high-resolution accurate scan in under two minutes.

Plaster casting is still welcomed in our lab, but many practitioners have found that 3D casting is quicker and less messy. It also saves on both plaster and shipping costs, making it more cost effective.


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